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• Twisted In A Way •

22 August 1987
1920s, abandoned factories, acrophobia, almonds, alternative, anxiety disorder, art, astrology, ballet, ballet shoes, bandages, bath products, being thin, biking, bizarre, burlesque, candy, cartoons, castles, cats, cello, celtic, chinese food, cinnamon, classical, coconut, coffee with cream, cookies, corsets, costumes, creativity, crime investigation, crinolines, crossdressers, cute lingerie, daydreaming, diy fashion, drag queens, dreams, electronica, erotica, esotericism, español, faeries, fairytales, fake jewelry, feather boas, feather fans, female singers, feminine boys, fireplaces, fishnet, foreign languages, forensic medicine, garter belts, geisha, glamour, glitter, goth pop, gothic rock, guys in make-up, guys kissing, hair clips, handcuffs, harp, harpsichord, hello kitty, history, horoscope, ice cream, imagination, individuality, industrial areas, insomnia, irish dance, irish music, japanese street fashion, knives, lace, legends, lip piercing, lollipops, london, macabre, mary janes, medical examination, medieval, melancholy, melodic metal, mental disorders, movies, murders, music, mythology, norsk, ophelia, photography, pink leopard print, platform boots, poetry, pop rock, powerpuff girls, real letters, redheads, retro, ribbons, rice, rio de janeiro, romance, romanticism, scandinavia, scented candles, serial killers, singing, slash, soaps, soy sauce, stars, striped stockings, sugar, summer, tea, the uk, tiaras, trains, translating, tranvestites, tulle, tutus, tv, vanilla, victorian, victoriandustrial, violin, wigs, writing poetry, yaoi